Welcome to Lay It Bare (dot com).

My name is Khary, and the sobering reality of having such a name is that it will be frequently misspelled.  With that in mind,  I decided to choose a name for this site that captures the essence of my goal as an artist.  So there you go.  You are invited to peruse the entire site. My home is yours.  At least online. 

I am presently using this page as writer and dancer, so you'll at least have some variety to work with.  I have dozens of poems, and 10 full length plays thus far, one of which (Water) was produced April 2009 in Chicago by Ink and Pulp Theatre.

My first poetry book, Any Psalm You Want, was published with Write Bloody Publishing in 2013.

Below is a video collaboration with Isabella Jones featuring one of my book's poems:


If you want to speak with me regarding potential gigs, workshops, productions or collaborations and such, email me at poet@layitbare.com.  Thank you for your time.  I'll see you on the other side.


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