Mickey Orange Series, Book One: Keira's Rise


The summer of 2084 was less remarkable for its heat than its stealth, a movement growing in secret, a gradual rift whose heart seethed in Rockford, Illinois. The summer had been building for fifty years, hidden in the mild tremors of a still recovering world body. The constant tremors had become part of the days fabric; virtually nature. Most of the planets inhabitants were focused on the daily work of staying alive, in whatever ways they could. The same could be said of a few particularly gifted individuals in Rockford, except that this summer would not permit them to do so, not without cost. The tremoring body would soon move, then run, then sweat out every vestige of sheltering quiet, until it returned to the full throated cry of its beginning. None of them could recall the beginning. Some didnt wish to, anyway. There was enough hurt in front of them to be concerned with that which lived in the marrow.

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