"Even within such tight frameworks, though, Jackson consistently surprises and engages. You think you know what each poem is going to be about—and you're not wrong, but you're not entirely right, either."
- Jay Gabler, Twin Cities Daily Planet in  his review of my book, Any Psalm You Want

 "When I got home, I thought about your poem again and just had to sit down and cry."
- E. Webster, actor/comedian/musician/wonderful, wonderful soul.

 "This guy's the real deal."
- Simone Beaubien, Boston Cantab slam master and peanut butter pie expert.

 "You're like a mix of Saul Williams and Pablo Neruda..."
- Valentine Stalinas, brilliant OKC poet and man of extraordinary taste.

 "Jackson writes of love, loss, family, and justice, of slavery, civil rights, and the streets.  Most of the selections left me wondering, "What is the back story? Who are these people?  What am I missing?" not in a way that leaves the reader frustrated, but in a way that leaves the reader coming back to read the poems again.
-Paul Mastin, reviewer for Reading Glutton

"You're the freshest, most original slam performer I've seen."
- Mighty Mike McGee, national slam champion and impeccable master of puppets.

"Great poetry should be read aloud. And that’s why it has taken me so long to write this review. From the moment I began Khary Jackson’s Any Psalm You Want, his intense, electrifying language said, “Speak me!” so I did. And then, of course, I had to do it again, still allowing his words to fly trippingly from my tongue, and focusing on meaning, the sum total of passionate imagery, metaphor, symbol, historical allusion—of communication vibrant and intense. This is a brilliant book."
--Bruce Roberts, Synchronized Chaos

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